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    Needs Analysis: Go Live System, Inc.

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    You have just been hired as the "training department of one" for Go Live Systems, Inc. Go Live is a small company that is poised to grow quickly over the next six months. They have just patented an application that will greatly improve usability and compatibility of the two largest ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. They are forming partnerships with the two larger companies, and making sales and license renewal calls together.

    Go Live needs to hire at least 10 consultant/programmers, people who can work with the ERP vendors and clients to determine needs, tailor the application, and train the clients on how to use the enhancements. In other words, Go Live needs people with both technical and interpersonal skills. Go Live's CEO, Jane Smith, has directed you to "hire the best people you can and train them to do what we need them to do".

    In working with an external recruiter, you realize that it will be difficult to hire people with both excellent technical skills and interpersonal skills. Therefore, you decide to start from scratch - with the business strategy - and work your way through hiring and training from there.

    Develop a Needs Analysis document that is focused on bridging the gap between new hire skills and the skills needed to perform the job successfully. List your assumptions of the new hires' current skill levels, then your assessment of their skill and knowledge gaps.

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    This paper describes the need analysis at Go Live System. This need analysis focuses on the new hires' current skill levels. There is also a description of the assessment of the new hired employees' skills. As the functioning and operations of Go Live System are based on enterprise resource planning, the need analysis is focused on developing an effective ERP system within the organization. This paper will assist the reader to gain insight about the knowledge gap and training program required to train the newly hired employees in an effective manner.

    New hires' current skill level

    Newly hired employees at Go Live System should be energetic and qualified enough for the job. They should possess some requisite skills needed to develop effective planning for the organizational strategies such as interpersonal skills, technical skills and zeal for the work. New employees should be augmented with full enthusiasm and have an eagerness to perform the assigned task. They should have enough knowledge about the decision making process required at different levels in the organization for the implementation of the strategies. Employees should have proper etiquette and values required to follow the ethical standards developed by the organization. Apart from this, there are some other skills which are needed for effective functioning such as proper knowledge, adjustable behavior and creativity in work.

    Employees should have skills and knowledge about different concepts of enterprise resource planning. They should have the knowledge for different tools and techniques needed to operate and implement various components of the ERP system. Employees should have the knowledge of different programs needed to establish a perfect ERP system, which further enables them to perform effectively and fulfill the given tasks with perfection. Newly hired employees should have the knowledge ...

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    As per the guidelines, we will discuss the need analysis for Go Live System. It will assist in understanding the hiring and training plan proposal for the organization. Then, we will discuss the present skill level for the new hires. Along with this, the assumptions made for the current level of skills of new hires will also be discussed. It is 1,016 words with references.