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    Responsible Business in the 21st Century

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    Can anyone help me out please.

    The final project step for this unit is to analyze your CSR report for social accounting. To do this you should write up an analysis that addresses the following questions.

    1. In what ways is the company that you are analyzing applying social cost accounting? Give specific examples.
    2. Are they using financial indicators to measure social and environmental costs? Describe how they are doing this, giving examples.
    3. Where do they define the boundaries of their responsibility for accounting for costs?
    4. Is this adequate in your mind? Explain.
    5. Do they recognize areas where they can improve their social accounting in the future?

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    Walmart, Inc.: Social Cost Accounting

    Question 1
    Admittedly, fully accounting for all the financial, environmental and social costs of doing business is difficult particularly for an organization operating in so many different locations and providing thousands of products. Nevertheless, the retail giant had incorporated several environmental costs into its financial reports. For example, it has recognized as period expense its contribution to the SCAQMD (or California South Coast Air Quality Management District) fund. However, this was ...

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    Responsible business in the 21st Century is examined. Financial indicators to measure social and environmental costs are determined.