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    Example of a Profession Lacking Respect

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    I need ideas and examples of a profession that does not receive the respect it deserves.

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    Please see response attached (some of which is provided below). I hope this helps and take care.


    2. Essay on a profession that does not receive the respect it deserves.

    The first profession that comes to mind is a nurse, and the second, a teacher. I am wondering if you have given this some thought. I did an o-line search using the Google search engine and come up several potential sources:

    Example: Nursing

    From the article uploaded below for easy referencing, a firm believer in the unique contribution of nurses to healthcare, Mrs. Boyles (BSN '58) has long been concerned that her profession does not receive the respect it deserves. That feeling led her to establish the Janet Gatherer Boyles Fund at the School of Nursing to provide research grants to faculty and graduate students.

    "I want people to treat nursing as a serious profession," says Mrs. Boyles. "One way is to prove that what we do is valuable, and this value can be proved scientifically through clinical research."

    This article argues for more money for research in order to recognize the unique contribution of nursing and how this might help gain the recognition that nursing deserves as a profession.

    Form another article, about recruiting high quality nurses, the writer recognizes the nursing, as a profession, does NOT receive the respect it deserves, which is presently reflected in recruitment process. The following is an excerpt from the article:

    The American Nurses Credentialing Center surveys hospitals seeking recognition ...

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