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Ethical dilemmas in health care practice

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Practitioners personal value systems may differ from that of the ethics system for their chosen profession. Can you identify a scenario that might create a conflict between a practioner's personal values and the generally accepted values of the profession they have chosen? For example, the practitioner is an MD who is a very strict Catholic and a patient is asking them about abortion as an option to end a rape pregnancy. I realize that is a very extreme, very obvious, example. Please describe a scenario that might occur in your everyday chiropractic or acupuncture office setting? Also, comment on another students scenario as well.

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Situations where there may be a conflict between a practioner's personal values and the generally accepted values of the profession they have chosen are not going to be that common in a chiropractor or acupuncture office. The clients/patients that go to a chiropractor and/or acupuncturist are self-selected giving the advantage to the health care professional of compliance with a generally accepted treatment among their clients. Treatment disagreements are going to be ...

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Possible ethical situations in a chiropractic or accupunture office setting are described.

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