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    Deductive Arguments & Inductive Reasoning

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    Address the following issues in a 300- to 400-word response for each article:

    • Discuss whether the author used deductive argument or inductive reasoning.
    • Identify the deductive argument, or some of the supporting information for the inductive reasoning.
    • Explain your answer using the course materials to support your findings.

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    Deductive reasoning: using general statements to reach a conclusion.
    Bill Croke, the writer who examines medical marijuana use in Montana relies heavily on "deductive reasoning" to reach his conclusion that medical marijuana is a problem for rural communities. Most of Croke's statements are based on opinion and bias; for example, Croke quotes the following: "Before the doors even open the parking lot has 300 kids throwing Frisbees and playing Hacky Sack," Mark Long, narcotics chief for the Montana Department of Justice told the Wall Street Journal. Clearly this statement is the result of a biased law enforcement officer who has little understanding of the medical marijuana law. The statement shows a prejudice against young people and is used to show how they are abusing the law, but has little to do with the actual understanding of those who need medical marijuana for health concerns. Throughout his ...

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    Deductive arguments and inductive reasoning is examined. The course materials to support findings is given.