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    Grading Class Participation

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    Please help write a one-page summary of the Bean and Peterson assigned reading, "Grading Class Participation." This summary should clearly and concisely identify the main point or argument of the reading along with important supporting details.

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    Grading Class Participation - A Summary

    Modern day educational programs expect more out of students than simply performing well on homework, various forms of assessment, and exams. For students to adequately demonstrate that they have mastered certain core competencies, and to show that they can interact with others in a corporate and team setting, it is essential that they also be measured in terms of their classroom participation. In this regard, since participation itself is often subjective in scope, it is difficult to determine the extent to which an individual is involved in classroom activities and learning. As such, it it essential to develop a rubric for use in any given class that allows the student to understands what is expected of him or her, and for the teachers to be able to precisely judge the score that should be granted in this area. One of most commonly used assessments to measure classroom participation is adapted from the assigned article 'Grading Classroom Participation" by Bean and Peterson.
    Bean and Person propose a point system for measuring participation in the classroom. Each strata, our level of points, has certain core components that must be present in order to a student to earn that ...

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