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    Technology and communication

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    What types of technology do people use to communicate?
    How does technology change the way people communicate?
    What does technology bring to communication other than the technology itself?
    What form of technology is used in your workplace to communicate? Is it effective? Why or Why not?

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    People use all kinds of technology to communicate. From the far reaches of space using satellite to home and the cell phone and smart phone, dsl broadband and cable internet, to television, radio, online phone service and bluetooth access, people can communicate all day, every day. Video feeds and the ability to see and hear people through access by internet and satellite is a very important step in accessing information or communicating across the world or the street. So many people are not hooked up to the internet that accessing information from a company in Thailand is as easy ...

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    The uses of technology for people to communicate and how it changes the ways they communicate.