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    Developing Relationships

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    Can you please assist me with the following:
    1. Describe the kind of innovative engagement you would pursue with different groups in the community.
    2. While you are not making a formal plan at this stage, what are some of the most effective strategies to get parents and the community to participate?
    3. Indicate why cultural competency is such a big issue; making explicit connections to the required readings and from your own personal authentic experience.
    4. What personal, technological and leadership skills would you use to reach out to those parents whose students are the most in need?

    1. In addition to this resource: Hjalmarson, F. (2011). Differentiated parent support: Engaging parents in unique ways to increase their involvement in School. San Diego, CA: TurnAround Schools Publishing;
    Include to 2 additional resources to assist with your answer.

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    Teachers must develop strategies which encourage parents and members of the community to work together to build cultural awareness in the community as a whole. Inside a city or town there may be various communities. These communities may be comprised of those of the same culture, religious beliefs, or socio-economic status. Communities generally work together for one united goal. Schools today are becoming more culturally diverse; therefore, it is even more important for parents and the communities to be involved in the learning process in order for the student to succeed (4). There are many different ways to engage diverse groups in the community to work together and with parents, in a team effort, for the benefit of the students.

    One strategy could consist of effective communication with parents and community members. This can be done by personally calling the parents and community members to invite them to a school meeting. The local newspaper, radio station, or television studio can be employed to inform parents of school meetings, the district calendar, a school newsletter, and possibly using short videos focusing on the issues that parents are concerned with the most. It ...

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    Discusses the innovative engagement that can be utilized with different groups in a community in which teachers can promote parent and community participation with students.