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    "Pro" debate of why bullying could be OK.

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    The debate is why bullying and cyber bullying is ok?

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    OK - you know that this position is not going to be the politically correct one, so just forget about that and focus on some other reason why bullying could be OK - such as Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, or "survival of the fittest." Bullying also helps those being bullied to learn to genuinely disregard what others (who don't matter to them anyway) think about their behavior or appearance. Not everyone is going to like you all of your life, and you might as well discover some strategies for dealing with that sort of person early in life. The practice will come in handy later, because it certainly will happen again. And, in school at least, there are adults around who can offer suggestions to cope, or ...

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    Discussion of the "pro" debate side of bullying and cyber-bullying, exploring some plausible reasons why these might be OK.