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    Essay on destructive ability, guilt & death: comparative

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    "NIGHT" of Elie Wiessel

    "DEAD MAN WALKING" of Sister Helen Prejean

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    The Things They Carried is a story about the author and his six fellow soldiers who served in the Veitnam war. Tim O'Brien survived the Vietnam war and upon his return wrote the narrative about his fellow soldiers and own battle with the perceived enemy. The narrative clearly shares the isolation and loneliness which these men began feeling as they had left their families and friends back home. And they were realizing that they are angry at why the war is being waged and their consequent fears for the uncertainty about own lives and what may really happen to the cause of defending their country.
    They had sympathy for each other and for the people around them, as well given the warring climate around them. They questioned their actions in creating destruction around themselves and then survive within that destruction. In the narrative, each one of these different men has a dialogue with themselves and with each other, reflecting over the death and killing, they saw around them, the state of the country into which they went to fight. In short, this autobiography of the author of The Things They Carried serves as a narrative evidence of the lives of the American men, who risked their lives in Vietnam war in the American political history.

    "NIGHT" of Elie Wiessel
    Night is a novel about Holocaust. Eliezer is the main character in the story. His struggle with his faith presents the main drama in 'Night'. His faith ...

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    THINGS THEY CARRIED, NIGHT & DEAD MAN WALKING - novels based on the themes of personal choice, regret, killing, destruction, being a part of that all, remorse, guilt & death