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ethical considerations for teachers

After doing some research reflect on what you consider to be the primary ethical considerations for teachers in the educational setting. Incorporate what you have found on existing school policies in your own school district or another district.

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There are are ethical dilemmas a teacher faces every day. Here are a few:

If a teacher is very young and would be teaching seniors in high school, it is entirely possible that a female teacher could be pursued romantically by a student and conversely that a male teacher could find himself attracted to a female student. If the teacher is single and not romantically involved, the teacher could be faced with the ethical dilemma of following his/her desires or adhering to the letter of the law as stated in many teacher contracts under a morality clause. As such any behavior that the teacher may demonstrate that could be perceived as immoral behavior could be grounds for termination. This should not be a huge ethical dilemma for many young teachers as becoming involved with any student under age eighteen could result in criminal charges. No matter how difficult, it is imperative that a teacher comport him/herself as an exemplary leader in the classroom and not succumb to any personal wants or desires. The same carries over into socializing with students outside of school. Whenever minors are involved, a teacher must walk a fine line between what is morally acceptable behavior in most contexts but would be viewed as ...

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Examples of ethical considerations for teachers are included.