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Abilene Paradox and Decision-Making

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3) Give an example of a time when your group/team (or a group/team you know of) fell prey to the Abilene Paradox. Using the key causes of self-limiting behavior in groups, explain why you think this happened. What are some of the preventive measures the group could have taken to avoid the Abilene Paradox?

4) Give some real-world examples of unethical decision making in companies. Identify conditions that allowed this type of decision-making to flourish. What are some of the remedies that could have been employed in order to prevent unethical decision making?

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3 - One example that I can think of happened two years ago at a school where I taught. We were a small charter school, relatively new, so we could set our own student rules. Although none of the teachers wanted to set a particular set of rules regarding computer use, we all agreed to them, because we didn't want to be the "odd one out" in dissenting. The administrator only suggested the rules because he felt that we, as teachers, wanted stricter guidelines for computer use. This happened because none of us wanted to make a suggestion counter to ...

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This discusses unethical decision making and the Abilene Paradox.