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    IQ tests: Accurate or not?

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    In his book, Teaching and learning in the 21st century: Connecting the dots, Newman states that Garner did not believe that traditional IQ tests give an accurate measure of one's intelligence and test all fields of intelligence.

    Do you agree or disagree with Garner about IQ tests? Why or Why not? Do you feel that it is an advantage or disadvantage to know a student's IQ and why?

    Reference: Newman, R. (2013). Teaching and learning in the 21st century: Connecting the dots. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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    I have outlined my answer/ guidance on each of the questions you have mentioned for your assignment.
    1) Do agree or disagree with Garner about IQ tests?

    Many studies show that traditional IQ tests are not accurate since there a many ways in which one can measure their intelligence and mental capabilities. IQ tests oversimplify the measurement of a person's intelligence. Therefore I think it would make sense for you to agree with Garner. Please see below for help with how to support your argument.

    2) Why or Why not?

    In The Telegraph, there was an article written about why traditional IQ tests do not reflect a person's IQ in an accurate manner. This article states that scientists have discovered that three tests of our mental agility need to be conducted, and their results combined, to determine a person's IQ. Different thought processes utilize different circuits in the brain. Therefore, "separate tests of short-term memory, reasoning and verbal ...

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