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    The History of the IQ Test and its Objectives

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    When Binet originally designed the "IQ test," his objective was to find a way of determining which children could benefit from specialized, additional help in their educational experience. In other words, he was not trying to find a way to sort out the "smart" kids from the "not so smart" students, but rather just to find the kids who could use a bit more help to succeed in the school system (see:http://iq-test.learninginfo.org/iq01.htm).

    If that primary objective still applied to the administration of IQ tests today, do you think it would be useful across diverse cultures?

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    The standard IQ test has raised many concerns in regards to its usefulness, accuracy, and reliability. One main concern regarding the IQ test is that it tests for specific types of intellectual abilities but not others, and that this causes it to identify a group of people who are particularly capable at solving certain types of problems, but to be unable to measure other types of intelligence. This particularly becomes a concern when the test is applied to students from diverse cultural backgrounds, and the test has been accused of being biased toward the cultural group for which it was originally designed and being unsuitable for testing in a multicultural society.

    The question you asked as to whether the test is still valid to identify students in need of extra ...

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