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dialogue as a means to teaching and learning

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I need some help with ideas for dialogue as a means to teaching and learning.

I need points to make on teaching and learning and references.

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The response begins with a discussion about the various forms of dialogue in education and how they work. I have taken the direction of the benefits of various types of dialogues. There are also some additional references with URLs for further critique of dialogue theory in education.

From the place where the response stops, I think it would be best to discuss what dialogue learning is, according to Driscoll. How dialogue works in education and how it can be utilized in developing learning activities are also points of discussion with reference to Driscoll.

I have also provided another reference to Freire, in case you want to develop his theory or premise a bit further. I would recommend this before delving into the points that Driscoll presents. How much more you discuss Freire will depend on how long your essay needs to be.

Dialogue in education takes on many forms and takes place in a variety of learning processes. L.D. Fink (1999) describes the types of dialogue that take place in active learning. These concepts, by no means imply that dialogue only occurs in active learning. They do provide examples of the types of dialogues used in different learning situations. Dialogue with self occurs when a learning is thinking and processing information. There is no other party involved in this process. Though words are not spoken, ...

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Dialogue as a means to teaching and learning is assessed.

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