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The process of completing a lesson plan

Explain the process of completing a lesson plan and indicating what tools are the most helpful to teachers.

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Most schools and districts have a mapping of the school curriculum. Those who have come before have viewed the state standards, aligned with the textbooks or other materials that are used and that's the foundation of lesson plans.
Lesson plans should include a section for gifted, special needs students and other intervention needs in the classroom. Depending on the region or demographics, there should also be a section for ELL or English Language Learners. The primary focus of lesson plans in most districts is the state standards. These are objectives determined by a regional area or committees at a state level, for which all teachers around a state will follow. While it is frowned upon to 'teach to the test,' the primary purpose is to assure administrators that teachers stay on task and neither teach too much and outside the range of what is expected for all students, for example in third grade, and on the ...

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Helpful tools and explanations for school lesson planning is provided.