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    Using technology and getting ready for the first day

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    How may you utilize technology to efficiently manage grades and the classroom?


    You have been hired for your first teaching position. How will you begin to prepare for your first day of school?

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    To approach answering these questions, I would suggest that you "pick the brains" of an experienced teacher to see how they might answer these questions, and then take what advice they might have that you feel you could use, and include those tips in your own response. Since I *am* an experienced teacher, I will answer both questions as if you had asked them to me in the scenario I just suggested. When you compose your response, pick and choose what advice you feel is the most useful in your own situation, and be sure to add additional content that occurs to you as you read my response in order to add your own voice, ideas, opinions, thoughts and personality to your replies.

    How may you utilize technology to efficiently manage grades and the classroom? There are several ways to utilize technology in the classroom to manage the grades and the process of teaching. First, consider grading. A Scantron machine (a licensed product) really helps to score objective tests and quizzes quickly so you can have the quick turnaround that students need for effective feedback. Many software programs are available to enter, track, score and weight assignments so you can provide effective and timely feedback, and report grades in an organized fashion to all stakeholders (students, parents and school administration). Some are site licensed, and some are available for a single user, in case your system or school does not already have such software in place that you are expected to use. For the process of teaching, there is literally almost no limit to what you can do in your classroom, using ...

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    A discussion for using technology for grading and teaching, and how and what to do to prepare for the first day of school at a new teaching position is provided.