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    design a 7th grade social studies lesson plan

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    The lesson needs to use four or more instructional strategies discussed in the textbooks, chats, or other resources. The instructional strategies should emphasize active and exploratory learning and can be associated with constructivism, cognitive learning theory, brain research, or specific differentiated instruction recommendations. Each method can be used for one or more of the identified students. The lesson plan should include a description of the strategies, how they should be implemented, rationale for their inclusion, and an evaluation format for determining effectiveness for student achievement. The lesson should include a preassessment, postassessment, and/or optional rubric.

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    As you know, it is against our policy to complete full lesson plans or assignments. However, I can offer you notes and ideas to help you as you then create and format your own lesson plan according to your needs. Since I am not in your precise class, lesson format will depend on your particular professor and style. Please mark 5/5 if you like my work.

    Here are my ideas for your 4 strategies:

    Grade 7
    Title: Out of Africa: A Study of the African Continent and Its Unique Features

    1. Standard: SS7G1 The student will locate selected features of Africa.

    Instructional Strategy: "Mapquest" for Tactile, Visual, and Cooperative Learning

    Rationale: In order for students to manipulate the map to promote tactile and visual learning (Gardner), the teacher offers the student various types of materials such as sandpaper, felt, feathers, plastic, etc. Using the map of Africa, students will work in pairs to construct an interactive "MapQuest" where they must list at least five geographical features such as the Sahara, Sahel, savanna, tropical rain forest, Congo River, Niger ...

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