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Value of Play In Education

You are a Preschool Teacher writing a short article for your Monthly Parent Newsletter advocating for and informing parents on the value of play in young children's learning.

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Play is an essential part of the learning process for children. Play helps to develop connections with others and helps to build quality bonds. Play stimulates a child's creativity and imagination and helps to foster problem solving skills (1). Play promotes language development, helps to build coordination, development fine motor skills, and build self-esteem (2). Outdoor play helps a child use their imagination to explore the world, where a child can pretend the playground is a circus or a jungle. Large toys such as slide, jungle gym, tunnels, and a bridge help to build a child's large ...

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Children learn important lessons through play. They develop relationships with others as well as learn. Play helps a child to build creativity, language, motor skills, and imagination. Play helps to introduce small children to other basic such as reading, alphabet, math, and science skills.