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    The difference between criterion and norm referenced tests

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    Summarize and synthesize how assessments can be interpreted and is it criterion or norm referenced and explain. Using Marianne Jeffreys TSET.

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    This self assessment instrument is a norm-referenced document, in that respondents are asked to rate themselves based on the criteria that assessment specifies, namely, their comfort level with various nursing operations. A criterion referenced instrument assesses how well each respondent performs against a pre-determined set of criteria, or skills. This might seem confusing, since the assessment is asking about various things that people are to rate themselves upon - so it looks like these are criteria - and at first glance, it might appear that this is a criterion-referenced instrument.

    The interpretation of this assessment's results will be interpreted in a norm-referenced method. Norm referencing means to compare how people did on this assessment compared to all others who also completed the assessment. Notice how the instructions section discusses identifying people with low self confidence and those with high self-confidence. This is a comparison on how well one respondent did compared to ...

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    Discussion of the difference between criterion referenced tests and norm referenced tests, identification of a particular assessment as either criterion of norm referenced, and explanations, examples of both.