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Teaching Proper Eating and Exercise Habits

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We all agree that we need to get parents involved to educate their children on the effects of poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Here is an interesting article that gives ten ways parents can do just that.
Let me know what you think after reading the article and then any thoughts you have on directly involving parents in this process? How can we get them more involved?

Link: http://health.howstuffworks.com/pregnancy-and-parenting/childhood-conditions/10-things-to-fight-childhood-obesity.htm.

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I agree with a number of the suggestions from the article. What about you? As far as keeping fit, yes, of course, that's a splendid idea. We have a generation of children who are very sedentary, they either sit behind a computer, play video games, have a little hand-held game, an i-pod, cell phone, you name it. This promotes habits where they may also have snack foods at their sides. Parents or caregivers have to ...

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How to teach proper eating and exercise habits are determined. The effects of poor eating habits and a lack of exercise are given.