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Teaching Manners

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Could you assist me with the following case study and questions?

'You've taught your students to use good manners in your classroom, such as saying, "Excuse me," "May I...," and "Thank you." Now that they have mastered this skill, you would like them to start using good manners in other environments'.

- How will you teach them to generalize this skill in other areas such as in a restaurant, at home, or when visiting friends?
- How will you teach them to deal with hearing or seeing other people use poor manners?

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I am not sure it is the role of a school to teach manners. Unless it is a private school or parents know when they sign up what the goals, objectives and mission of the school is, some might argue that it is the role of the family to instill a communication style. However, if it is done at a young age, at the right developmental stage, modeling regionally appropriate behavior is paramount. Once children learn or observe adults they will copy the style, especially if it ...

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Using good manners in and out of the classroom is discussed.

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