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    Culture in Business and Society

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    I need help in answering questions on how cultural variables affect business. How are each of the following components of culture important in the situation questions below: aesthetics, values and attitudes, manners and customs, social structure, religion, personal communication, education, physical environment?

    1. Thinking of just the U.S., which two would be the most important in business and why?

    2. Thinking globally, which two would be the most important in business and why?

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    1. For the U.S., the two most important cultural components that would likely be most important in business would be values and attitudes and aesthetics. Values and attitudes are the shared views of the business held by everyone involved and for the U.S., this can often be displayed through the value on American made materials and the value of those products. The shared values and attitudes that may be in common for this example might be that buying or marketing products to a foreign market would be unpatriotic. "The resistance therefore is not so much to foreign products as to those who produce and market them" (Kahn, 2013, para 26).

    In terms of aesthetics, they are a shared understanding of what is acceptable, beautiful, or in good ...

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