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Reflecting on the Role of Proper Health

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Reflect on the role of proper health, nutrition, and safety in your own growth and development as a child (whether the impact was positive or negative). Were you provided with healthy and nutritious food options? Did you have ample time for play and exercise? Were there precautions in place to ensure your safety? How does your own experience impact the choices you make today for the young children in your care?

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Children in yesteryear were given ample time for play and exercise. There weren't any computers or gaming systems, so children tended to be less sedentary, wouldn't you agree? My brother and I went to a playground downstairs and played! If we ran into trouble, my parents who both worked trusted our neighbors to help us out, and they did. One time I accidentally locked us out of the apartment and my brother, I stayed in the neighbor's house till our parents came home. Most people today would not do this, unless they really know the neighbors well. We could have sat glued to the tv, but most of the time, we didn't.

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The expert reflects on the role of proper health. The precautions in place to ensure safety is given.

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