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Presidents and Criminal Law

1. The question isn't why does Carter lose so badly; rather I want to know how in four years can the administration of one president turn the nation apparently 180 degrees? Is Carter really that bad? (Answer with political affiliations aside).

b. So my question is, what factors really contribute to their inability to hold the momentum that bring them to office?

2. Can someone tell me what inflation is? Also, what was inflation like during the period 1976-1980? What caused it? What did government try and do about it?

3. Nixon imposes wage and price freezes. What does this mean? Why would the president do this? What does Nixon say are the reasons for this policy?
Do you think this policy was effective?
How might this policy apply today? Does it sound familiar?

4. My question to you is: Do you think there remains a middle ground "silent majority" in our country today? What do recent elections and current politics suggest about our society?

Criminal Justice

1. How do you believe one becomes an effective interviewer or interrogator?

2. Why is hearsay not admissible in court?

3. Do you believe Miranda is still a valid concept today... Are there better options?

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1. Carter wasn't that bad and his administration no more turned the country in a 180 degree angle than Ford's presidency. In regard to both Carter and Ford, inflation was the reason why their tenures as president were prematurely cut short. Inflation was high in Ford's tenure and higher during Carter's tenure, which represented a continuation of what some politico aficionado's believe inherited by every president following Johnson's presidency wherein he engaged in the Vietnam War and the Great Society Programs that reformed the nation without raising taxes. Some believe that inflation was suffered for the next 30 years following these issues created by Johnson. Therefore, Carter was not that bad of a president.

b. There was no momentum that brought Ford to office as obviously he was the Vice President when Nixon resigned under guaranteed impeachment if he remained. Carter's momentum was stifled significantly by the Iranian Hostage crisis as it lasted for the final 14 months of his presidency and didn't end until the exact day he left office when the hostages were released. In addition, both Ford and Carter had to deal with hostile congressional bodies wherein the opposing party ...

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