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Native American or African American Assessment Diagnosis

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Discuss the importance of considering the cultural identitie and experiences of clients who are Native American or African American, in assessment, diagnosis, and relationship building.
Describe how you might facilitate relationship building with a Native American or African American client who has come to yoou to discuss a situation in his or her workpolace where he or she was treating unfairly based on individual differences.

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I've worked with five different tribes. There are some traditions in tribal communities that are very universal and followed across the country in many regions. However, even within a tribe there could be regional differences. Taking the largest one, Navajo, for example, language dialect and beliefs could change from one chapter house area to the next. There are some that are VERY traditional and follow the tribal culture relentlessly and there are others within the same community that are very modern and do NOT follow tribal culture. Of course, there are yet others that fall somewhere in the middle and follow a la cart beliefs, which could leave a practioner a little in the dark about who does what, and ...