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    How teachers manage students with low intellectual function.

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    Consider the limitations in intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior often presented by students with intellectual disabilities. What skills should teachers primarily focus on when working with this particular group? What environments or educational settings would optimize student learning? Cite at least one source to substantiate your response.

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    Students with intellectual disabilities include a range of severities of disability from mild through profound (American Psychiatric Association (APA). (2000). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (4thed., text rev.) (DSM-IV-TR). Washington, DC: as mentioned in http://coy.state.va.us/vcoy/PDFfiles/Intellectual%20Disability_1.pdf). Depending on the severity of the disability and any specific treatment objectives as defined by the medical treatment team, in general, survival skills which lead to ...

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    This solution describes a variety of manifestations of limited intellectual functioning, the skills teachers should focus on in working with this group, the best educational settings for optimizing learning, and a reference for further investigation.