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    Developing Successful Educational Programs

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    What are the necessary steps to take for the development of successful programs?

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    1. What are the necessary steps to take for the development of successful programs?

    Program development is the process of determining:

    * What conditions exist now
    * What changes or results the program should produce
    * What has to be done in order to get these results

    Most program development efforts stem from a need to rectify an identified problem, which can be accompanied by going through the following series of programmed steps. We refer to these steps as "program development logic."

    * Identify the problem
    * Determine the goal(s) that, once achieved, will have a positive effect on the problem
    * Determine the objectives that will contribute to the success of the goals(s)
    * Delineate or sketch the tasks that must be performed in order to implement activities.

    In the program development process, the results (or outcomes) to be accomplished are what we call the ENDS. The activities, methods or techniques used to achieve these ends are the MEANS. To determine what means will be used, you must first determine the ends. ...

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