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Coaching Elite Athletes

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I am a qualified soccer coach working at a professional club. I am looking to find a edge that will improve me as a coach and as a person. What knowledge and skills should I acquire to become an expert coach? Of all the different abilities COACHING requires, which do you feel would contribute the most to my knowledge and skills. Please justify your decisions with reason why? What are some of the implications I may face/occur in my quest to be become an expert coach.

'Please only answer if you have an good understanding of coaching at the elite level'.

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The expert examines coaching elite athletes. The teaching disciples are given

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Hello. Interesting question. I coached for several years when I was teaching, but not on an elite level. I have also been in athletics for years, so I suppose I can give you insight on that level as well. My first suggestion would be to keep up with your education in coaching. Be the first one to recognize that you do NOT know everything there is to know about soccer. There are always new plays to learn or strategies for practicing and playing better. You can learn a lot from simply talking to other coaches in these sorts of classes.

Run your practices in a consistent matter. If you say that players have to run for being late or mouthing off or being lazy, then do it--every day. Do not forget of lay off the rules you set up ever. If they see that you don't mean what you say, they will certainly not care as much about the team or you, and that makes coaching extremely difficult. BE ...

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