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    Coaching Children Age 6 - 10 vs. 10 - 20

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    Discuss what you consider to be the three most significant differences that must be remembered when coaching children in the 6-10 years of age range versus the 10-20 years of age range. How would you have to adapt your coaching approach to adjust for these differences?

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    1. Children are developmentally different physically and emotionally at ages 6 to 10, compared to 10 to 20. Physically there is rapid growth occurring, causing different abilities and concerns to surface based upon the developmental stage of the athlete. Emotionally there are different levels that must be dealt with and adjusted to based on the child's development.

    2. Children aged 6 to 10 have different interests in sport then older children often. More specification takes place in older children.

    3. Parents are more likely to be involved with younger age children.

    In the six to 10 year old age ...

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    This solution discusses the difference in coaching children in the 6 to 10 year age group versus 10 to 20 year age group, and how to adapt coaching approach accordingly.