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Assessing a Retail Area According to ADA Requirements

Management Proposal

You will build a Proposal to Management. You will research Federal and State "Americans with Disabilities Act" (ADA) standards. For purposes of this assignment, I am assuming that each student resides in the State of Texas as Texas statutes are accessible via the web. Federal statutes are also available on line.

Scenario: (When first presented in 2001, the shopping center pictured was not readily accessible by handicapped citizens. Since that time, the shopping center has upgraded their accessibility, providing usable access and parking. We will, however, continue to use the old photos and scenario as the basis for our research. The following scenario is a figment of my imagination.) A local strip shopping area is not readily accessible to handicapped patrons as required by Federal and State ADA standards. When several complaints were ignored by management of the shopping center, the local ADA citizens group rallied the media and made their complaints public via TV news and the local newspapers.

Management has hired you to assess the exterior of the entire shopping area and propose improvements and corrections. You must research the law and prepare a Proposal to Management that will meet ADA requirements.

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This solution provides the requirements that a retail store must adhere to in regard to the Americans with Disabilities Act for renovating or building a new retail store.