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Studio Productions

You and your sales colleagues at Studio Productions have a lot of sales experience, including dealing with objections. From these methods of responding to objections: forestalling, direct denial, indirect denial, translation/boomerang, compensation, questioning/assessing, or third-party reinforcement.

Choose two that you believe are the most effective.
Identify and explain (with an example) why you believe they are the most effective. 400-750 words

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// Before understanding the concept of 'Business Organization' it is necessary to focus on the main purpose of the business organization; which I am explaining with the help of an example of Studio Productions: //


The main purpose of every business organization is to earn maximum benefit by satisfying the needs and requirements of the customers effectively. By effective evaluation of the needs and requirements of the consumers, an organization can manage and handle the objections of the consumers effectively. At Studio Productions, the sales and objection handling system is well managed by the sales department. The sales professionals of the organization assist in managing the sales and objections of customers efficiently. There are various methods of responding to the objections of the customers, such as questioning/assessing, indirect denial, forestalling, translation/boomerang, third party reinforcement, compensation and direct denial (Objection-handling, 2008).

Methods of Responding to Objections

According to me and my sales colleagues, the most effective methods of ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 533 words with references.