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    Ethical Concerns for Salespersons

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    Sometimes salespersons at Studio Production say or promise something to the customer that they unintentionally are unable to deliver. By doing so, a customer can perceive this as being unethical. The owners of Studio Production are concerned with these behaviors and the perception of their company. They have asked you to prepare a short presentation to share with everyone at Studio Productions on ethics. It should including the following:

    1. Identify and explain the three main types of unethical behavior and provide an example of each.
    2. Define and provide further explanation of the five variables that affect a salesperson's ability to be viewed as trustworthy by buyers. Explain which variable you feel is most important and why.
    3. Explain the importance of trust in building ethically sound business relationships. Discuss why sales professionals are often stereotyped as being unethical and non-trustworthy and the importance of breaking this stereotype.
    4. At Studio Productions, some of the work is outsourced and marked up to client, giving a small profit to the company. What are the ethical concerns this brings up and how will you, as a salesperson, handle it?

    Can I please get some information or links thereof for information on the various variables I need to define and explain? Thanks!

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    Addressing the questions related to ethical concerns of salespersons, this solution provides information on the main types of unethical behaviors and examples, variables affecting the perception of trustworthiness in salespersons, role of trust in relationship building, reasons for stereotyping salespersons as unethical and the ethical issue of charging clients extra for outsourcing, and others. Links for further research are also provided.