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    Linear Programming Solver Salespersons

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    A large department store operates 7 days a week. The manager estimates that the minimum number of salespersons required to provide prompt service is 12 for Monday, 18 for Tuesday, 20 for Wednesday, 28 for Thursday, 32 for Friday, and 40 for each of Saturday' and Sunday. Each salesperson works 5 days a week, with the two consecutive off-days staggered throughout the week. For example, if 10 salespersons start on Monday, two can take their off-days on Tuesday and Wednesday, five on Wednesday and Thursday, and three on Saturday and Sunday. How many salespersons should be contracted and how should their off-days be allocated?
    Use SOLVER to solve it.

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    Minimum no. of sales persons = 42
    Off-days #salespersons
    Sat&Sun: 0
    Fris&Sat: 2
    Thu&Fri: 0
    Wed&Thu: 14
    Tue&Wed: 8
    Mon&Tue: 16
    Sun&Tue: 2

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    Min# sales persons 12 18 20 28 32 40 ...

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    In the solution, for the given minimum number of salespersons per day, the total minimum number of sales persons are estimated.