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History assessment item, explained

Write one good item in any format, along with a brief explanation of why you think it is a good item.

The item should be for a new test you are developing called the American History Test, to be administered to ninth graders.

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For an essay question: Choose ONE president of the United States (Washington to Obama) and completely explain, with references to specific accomplishments and their impact, WHY you chose this one president as the best president.

This item requires the student to make a selection, and defend their choice, using facts and information from the lessons learned. I suggest scoring this item using a rubric to be sure the student covered all the areas you want them to mention: social, political, economic, military, etc.

For multiple choice: Which of the following was NOT a negative impact of European settlement upon the native American Indians?
a. New diseases
b. Settlers on ancestral lands
c. Formation of written language
d. Change of culture
e. Reduction of independence
f. Evolvement of native languages
g. Establishment ...

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Various examples of History assessment questions in several formats that reflect synthesis, with brief commentary on each.