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    Amanda Jackson case study, summary, analysis, legal issues

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    What are Amanda Jackson's problems?
    What are the implications of the actions you suggest?
    What legal issues are involved?

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    Your posting did not specify if you are supposed to follow any specific formatting protocol, such as APA or MLA. They both require some particular word choices, and their citation style is different, if you are supposed to cite outside references other than the reading.

    What are Amanda's problems? Amanda is a first year teacher, new to the educational setting from a successful career in the graphic arts field, more of a business setting, where she did not have much contact with children, or other people on a daily basis. It appears that she is coping with her teaching responsibilities fairly well, considering that everything is new to her. Her problems appear to be with her administrator. The Principal at her school does not use the same interaction language that Amanda uses, and Amanda is having some real problems reading her intent and meaning based on the principal's conversational and social relationship style. This problem can cause enough tension in and of itself, but this problem is most certainly the less important of the issues that Amanda has with the principal.

    Amanda's real problem is that she has strong suspicions that her principal is indulging in alcohol during school hours. She has noticed that there appears to be a conspiracy of silence among the present and former staff, and among the parents of present and former students enrolled at the school, concerning this problem, even among those who appear to have knowledge of it. This appears to be because the principal is well-liked by both the students and the staff, and she exerts strong influence upon the school in positive ways. No one appears willing to "rock the boat," by exposing this problem, which to be honest, appears to have been up to this point mostly under control, and so ...

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    Amanda Jackson case study with summary of case, analysis of options and discussion of legal issues