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    Comparing Justice for US Citizens Abroad - Amanda Knox and Michael Kay

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    The cases of Amanda Knox and Michael Kay offer good opportunities to compare criminal justice systems. Both were young US citizens accused of crimes in other countries.

    - Analyze and describe both cases and their alleged crimes.
    - Analyze and explain the method used in each case - adversarial or inquisitorial.
    - Explain the final outcomes of both the cases.
    - Explain the variances in the legal processes for these cases in the United States.
    - Explain the similarities in the legal processes for these cases in the United States.

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    The cases that will be examined in this summary are two drastically different crimes with two different legal systems applied for punishment of the alleged crimes. There exists one similarity with the two cases as each case involves American citizens living abroad and both involve students. The first case that will be examined is the notorious Amanda Knox murder trial. Knox was a young college student studying abroad from the American state of Washington. She was living in Italy along with another student studying abroad from Britain. The case revolved around the murder of Knox's roommate who was found sexually assaulted with her throat slit supposedly by Knox and her boyfriend. The case became an instant media spectacle in Italy because of the actions of Knox and her boyfriend when the police arrived as they were construed as acting suspicious. Because of these allegedly suspicious actions, the two were brought to the station and vigorously interviewed for over 10 hours, in which more allegedly bizarre behavior was displayed by Knox and her boyfriend.

    Under this questioning, which lasted for a long duration without any breaks, lawyers, or ability for Knox to confer with her parents, which wouldn't matter since she was an adult, Knox supposedly implicated the bar owner who she worked for in the murder plot as well as placed herself and her boyfriend at the scene. Knox and her boyfriend along with the bar owner were summarily arrested and trial was set based on her statements. The case was flawed from the beginning ...

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    The expert compares justice for United States citizens abroad. Amanda Knox and Michael Key situations are determined. The similarities in the legal processes for the cases in the United States are determined.