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Criminal Investigation of Amanda Knox and Michael Kay

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The cases of Amanda Knox and Michael Kay offer good opportunities to compare criminal justice systems. Both were young U.S. citizens accused of crimes in other countries. These cases illustrated the differences between the U.S. criminal justice system and those of other nations.

Consider such factors as pretrial release, burden of proof, right to appeal, and type of punishment.

In essay form What were the alleged crimes involved? Summarize both the cases.
Did the court system use an adversarial or inquisitorial method? Explain.
What were the final outcomes of the cases? Provide a legal ground for the outcome and justify your answer with appropriate research and reasoning.
In what ways did the process differ from how it would have occurred in the United States?
In what ways was the process similar to that in the United States? Explain with proper reasoning.

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The solution discusses a criminal investigation of Amanda Knox and Michael Kay.

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In essay form What were the alleged crimes involved? Summarize both the cases.

Amanda Knox was accused of being involved in a murder of a fellow college student whom was her roommate. She and her boyfriend were alleged to have participated in the gory murder while engaging in a sex orgy with another defendant in the alleged murder. The details of why the murder occurred are steeped in the notion by the prosecution that the alleged murderers were high on drugs and fueled by a drug induced haze that resulted in the sex orgy getting out of hand. The prosecution alleges that the victim of the murder wasn't a willing participant in the orgy, which is what prompted the alleged murderers to murder her.

Michael Fay was accused of vandalism while in Singapore. The case involved Kay as an expatriate who allegedly was involved in vandalizing cars in addition to stealing road signs. The suspect confessed to the crime and was sentenced to a controversial sentence of caning that was given by the Courts wherein he would receive 6 strikes by a cane for his offenses as required by the Vandalism Act passed in the country.

Did the court system use an adversarial ...

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