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Case Study of Ethical Dilemmas in Educational Leadership

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Amanda Jackson. Briefly summarize the scenario, and then address the following analysis questions.
What are Amanda Jackson's problems?
What should she do?
What are the implications of the actions you suggest?
What legal issues are involved?

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As a new art teacher at Twin Pines School, Amanda Jackson faces two dilemmas. One is more serious than the other. Both dilemmas involved the principal, Joanna Stewart. The less serious issue is still a concern. Principal Stewart makes comments to Amanda frequently about her work or lack of it that Amanda does not hear her make to the other teachers. She is not sure how the comments are intended, though she believes they are stated in an almost humorous or joking manner. However, the comments and remarks are clearly hurtful to Amanda, as she has no idea how to take them. Furthermore, the remarks seem to go away as Joanna Stewart's mood changes. It has become evident to Amanda that the principal's mood changes after she has been drinking. Amanda has recently discovered that Joanna Stewart frequently consumes alcohol during the school day, though maybe not on school property. Her artist friend has confirmed this and believes Amanda should overlook this, as parents and others have.

The second, more serious and immediate problem, is that the weather is quickly becoming bad, making driving conditions hazardous, and Joanna Stewart, after clearly drinking, has offered to take a first ...

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The solution involves the discussion of a case of unethical behaviors, in educational leadership. Specifically, a teacher must decide how to handle a principle's repeated hurtful jokes and a more serious behavior, of the principle performing her job and putting students at risk, while under the influence of alcohol.

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