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Challenges with learning style, diversity, parenting

Describe a challenge or an obstacle you have encountered in your teaching setting related to learning style, diversity, or parent involvement, etc.

Share a specific example of how one or more of these considerations can contribute to your unit and instructional planning.

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Sean is a deceptive boy, always announcing when there's someone at the door, when a word is spelled incorrectly on the board or that it is time to go to lunch. He also has a very messy desk and rarely has what he needs for assignments or has his homework. With an impulsive judgment, one might conclude he is a weak student but with further probing, study and attention, one would also notice that he illustrates at a professional level and has a Harvard-level memory. His grades may show that he has borderline special ed candidacy but if one can get him to focus on a standardized test, a near-genius would be discovered.

Tina is always on time, looks nice, has her work done, gets along well with her peers and would unlikely draw attention to herself. Since the teacher usually allows students to sit where they choose and feel they can learn in the most comfortable fashion, she seats herself in the middle of ...