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    Physical disabilities in children and adolescents

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    Locate an article on either a child or adolescent with a physical disability (brain or motor). Alternatively, you could also interview someone you know who is a parent of a child or adolescent with a physical disability. From your reading and/or discussions, explain what aspects of development are connected with the disability. Additionally, answer at least 2 of the following questions in your posting:

    - How does the physical disability affect overall brain or motor development?
    - How does the physical disability affect the family?
    - How old was the person when the physical disability was diagnosed? Explain what differences might have occurred in the person's development if the disability would have been found earlier.
    - Is the cause known for the disability? If it is, what is it? If it is, what treatment or interventions, if any, might have prevented the disability?

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    How does the physical disability affect overall brain or motor development?

    Children born prematurely are susceptible to suffering from significant forms of brain injuries with one form in particularly known periventricular brain injury, or PVBI that occurs in and around the periventricular region of the brain during the pregnancy. There exist two prevalent forms of this type of brain injury including germinal matrix/intraventricular hemorrhage (GM/IVH) and hypoxic/ischemic injury (H/I). These forms of PVBI are responsible for destroying glial precursor cells and causing interference with early neurodevelopmental processes in certain regions of the baby's brain. Regions such as myelination and cortical organization are significantly impacted by PVBI. These abnormalities that occur during the premature births have been researched and research indicates that the resultant brain abnormalities persist into adolescence. These individuals have consistently shown ...

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    Physical disabilities in children and adolescents. How does the physical disabilities affect the family is determined.