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    Educational Leadership - Ethics

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    Review the two scenarios (attached cases) that relate to our class exploration into how government and judicial organizations influence educational leaders in their decision making process then give your reflections on the following questions:

    Chapter 9 Case: Are the Feds running the school? What should Mr. Dillard say to Mr. Wood to explain current circumstances?
    Chapter 12 Case: What other administrative option(s) should the administrator in this case have used to avoid having to go to court?

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    The NCLB Act clearly ensures that all students are required to receive the same educational benefits. In the scenario with Mr. Wood, the horse farmer/rancher, should have been told that every child that is in this school district will receive the same education regardless of his disability. Mr. Wood clearly understands that the student has special needs and should take into consideration what the student's Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) states. I would let Mr. Wood know that this special needs student has and Individual Education Plan (IEP) and within that IEP is a BIP which clearly states what actions should be taken when this student does not follow the rules. In this case, the ...

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