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    Personal beliefs and ethics

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    Defend whether you believe there is a connection between ethical leadership and a person's belief system and/or values. Be specific and provide examples.

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    A person's ethics are usually based on their system of values and beliefs gained through their societal interaction. These values can have basis in teachings of family, school, church, or society as a whole and each person's perception. The interpretation of these beliefs and values and how one should act upon them are our ethical values. Leadership by an individual is based on those ethics.

    For example, a man who works for a company that has employed only men for twenty years has to decide how best to be a leader to the first two women who join the company. His work experience and perceptions are based on the male dominant and perhaps makes him consider that males are the best choice ...

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    A discussion on the connection between ethical leadership and personal beliefs. Examples are provided for further explanation.