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    Evaluations in Education

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    How useful are evaluations in the academic setting?

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    Some say evaluations reveal the truth, but sometimes they don't; especially when personal feelings get involved. Quite frequently, the barriers between personal feelings and performance are blurred because there is no clear distinction between the two. Grades are often times subjective when they should be objective, but how can one be certain which category will weigh more heavily when it comes to measuring performance? The honest answer to this question is that there is no certainty. Think of all of the people who are successful in the workplace and those who receive acceptance to educational institutions just because they know someone or because they were in the right place at the right time. Educational merit should be a determining factor in those equations, but no one can guarantee that it will be recognized.

    It has been said that it is an employee's job to make their supervisor look good, but is it the student's ...

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    This excerpt explains the pros and cons of using evaluations in an academic setting, and how they can both affect student learning abilities, and teacher performance.