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Class room teaching, Role of Facilitators

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Class room teaching, Role of Facilitators , Teaching and Learning dynamics

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What are some conflicting views on how facilitators should approach classroom differences? Do your views conflict with the majority or the minority opinion?

Classroom differences may relate to students' varying learning styles and pace at which they can learn new materials. Different facilitators will have different kind of experiences with different students or individuals who ...

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Class room teaching, Role of Facilitators , Learning aspects

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Guidance and suggestions for analyzing an elementary classroom observation. These ideas are also useful to look over prior to observing an elementary classroom.

Included in the solution are ways to analyze goals and philosophies of the classroom by observing the teacher, interaction between teachers and student, behaviors of students, and classroom environment. The classroom used was a kindergarten class where the observer saw the students counting and singing during circle time, then needed to write a field observation. Ideas are given on how to analyze the observation based on the following:
a. Teacher's educational goals
b. Learning environment
c. Classroom procedures and rules
d. Role of the teacher
e. Student/teacher relationship
f. Curriculum
g. Teaching methods
h. Use of technology as a resource
i. Assessment

The ideas presented can be used for any elementary classroom setting.

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