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    Marketing plan idea

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    If you were to develop a marketing plan for an existing company, which company would you choose and why? For instance, if you were picking Starbucks, what would be a new marketing plan that they could use?

    I am looking for 3-4 cited paragraphs about an existing product/service that would be worthy of a good marketing plan (not a business plan).

    This is not an assignment, rather it is more or less an abstract to help develop a bigger project down the line. Just looking for your input into what would be a good company with a product or service that would be worthy of further exploration down the line... and why.

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    First, let's deal with the basics. The first source is from the US government's Small Business Administration:
    http://www.sba.gov/content/developing-marketing-plan and

    Any plan deals with your target market and the nature of your firm's specific strengths and weaknesses relative to that market. It also includes the amount of money available to put any marketing into action. In addition, you also have to measure the return on this specific investment against a time when you did NOT have such a plan.

    Ultimately, we want market research, the nature of our competition, the strengths of our product(s), pricing and unit costs, production costs and any trade-off between profits and market share. All of these variables must be brought together into a serious and comprehensive plan (SBA, nd and The University of Missouri, 2010).

    Now, to apply this to a specific firm. It sounds like I can pick anyone. Since I've done work on them before, I chose the Russian oil giant LUKoil, one of the largest companies on the planet.

    Here's the main page: http://www.lukoil.com/ On ...

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