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    Market trends of Starbucks

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    500 words Describe how the Market trends of Starbucks Coffee WILL FACE. Focus on how each of the following will change or will not change and Way.

    1. Market Structure
    2. Impact of new companies entering the market
    3. Prices
    4. Technology

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    The market structure of starbucks will remain extremely competitive with few large firms dominating bulk of the market, follows by numerous smaller players having influence over their niche geographical area or target segment. The market for coffee retailing will grow in emerging markets such as India, where global players like Starbucks will try to establish their presence and compete against local players. Overall, competition will be cut throat and the market will see fierce competitive strategies in terms of price war, new and innovative product introductions and more value for the customers. Players like Starbucks, dunkin donuts, etc. will ...

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    500 words Describe how the Market trends of Starbucks Coffee WILL FACE