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Online versus paper catalogs

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Now that many businesses have upgraded to an online platform, are paper catalogs a thing of the past? Let's look at this from both sides of the table, both the consumer and the manager. Would you rather have an online or a paper catalog? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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The Database Marketing Institute holds that paper catalogs still have their place. For them, the physical object in your hands means something. It is often an interesting read, especially if there are new products, innovations and explanations. Simply put, not everyone is enamored of pixolated space (Hughes, 2013). Forbes Magazine polled its readership, and, to their surprise, 95% said they would rather have the printed version in front of them (Geller, 2012).

The problem with the web is reliability. Besides the obvious security issues, many of the online vendors are not familiar to people. Small vendors, often international, may or may not fulfill your request or even still exist. Your avenues of grievance redress are limited. The paper catalog is ...

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