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    Exercise 1: Identify a Virtual Exchange or Identify a Horizontal Exchange or Identify a Web Portal

    1. Provide the name of the company identified in each marketplace
    2. Describe the exchange (e.g., line of business, typical participant, etc.)
    3. Identify any special rules required to conduct business within the exchange or required to become a member of the 'marketplace'.
    4. Identify one (1) or more applications of e-procurement that may be applicable to the marketplace you are reviewing.

    Summarize all of the above (points 1-4) in an executive summary/overview paper.

    Please answer the following question and provide in text citation in APA style format to support your answers.

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    //As per the directions, the paper deals with the explanation of e-business. It explains the terms vertical exchange, horizontal exchange and web portal with examples. It further explains the horizontal exchange in detail, its line of business and the participants involved in it. It will also describe the rules and regulations required to become a participant in e-business. In the end, the paper will explain the concept of e-Procurement and its various applications in horizontal exchange.//

    Executive Summary

    A website that offers a wide range of services like e-mail, search engines, and online shopping marts is commonly referred to as a Web Portal. Most of the web search engines have transformed themselves to provide services like chatting, e-mailing, gaming, and online shopping, along with the traditional search engine features. A good example of such a company is Yahoo. An enterprise portal provides an interface using web-based technologies. Users can access company database, applications, forums, and systems through an enterprise portal (Tatnall, 2005). Nowadays, all major multi-national companies use enterprise portals, for example, Citibank, Sony, GE Lighting, GM, Wal-Mart, BMW, etc. (Plunkett, 2009). A virtual e-marketplace exchange is a type of B2B e-commerce, which satisfies the needs of a specific industry sector or market group such as steel, chemical, construction, etc. British Petroleum, Dow, Shell, BASF, Bayer, and Dupont got together and created an e-trading community that facilitates the exchange of a range of chemical products. Horizontal exchange is a type of B2B e-commerce, which meets the demand of a wide range of industries with a focus ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1030 words with references.