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    Recycling and Going Green

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    Please write what people need to do to make the world greener through recycling.

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    One of the largest problems in the area of environmental concern is that there is simply too much leftover waste being produced by humans. Waste is everywhere: paper, cans, bottles, plastic, wood, metal. Waste is what we don't anymore - and we do not think about what happens once it goes into the garbage can - landfills, burning, etc.

    However, so many things that humans discard can be recycled using contemporary technologies, and if not recycled, composted: plastic, bottles, cans, cardboard, and much vegetative waste. Recycling does take time and energy and is not always easy - it takes attention, perseverance and the four R's: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Rethink. Those four words will make all the difference in the world.

    The overall issue is that humans are a throwaway society. Why does this problem exist? Perhaps, people think it is a waste of time to recycle since not enough people are choosing to recycle. People do not realize how much damage the attitude of "waste" does to the environment. Similarly, there is far too much overpackaging and far too many disposable items (e.g. cameras, watches, clothing, etc.).

    This throwaway society has caused increased pollution in waterways, air, and has an effect on the overall environment. Our ...

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